Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July in West Palm Beach, FL

Uday and I decided to stay around home for this 4th of July since we have some more travel plans coming up in a few months. We were happy to spend some time with a friend of mine whom I met at work, Cathy and her husband Gary. Cathy and I have now known each other for a few years but did not get a chance to hang out until this year. We went down Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach to see the fireworks. Uday and I forgot our camera but thankfully Cathy and Gary had a new camera that took some awesome pictures. Cathy is about 4 months pregnant and her baby was kicking with joy when the fireworks began. I bet this is a 4th of July that she will never forget!! I took the picture of her with her husband which is very cute. Right before the fireworks began, people from the fire department unroll a big US flag from a very high building, which you can see in the picture. It looks pretty cool, and if given a choice it is also something Uday and I would love to do. You can also see in another picture the band called, "Simple Plan" who performed for free on this night! The fireworks went on for a long time and I told Uday several times, "this is the finale". We only included a few of the fireworks pictures to give you an idea.

Click on the picture below in order to view all other pictures (courtesy of Cathy and Gary).

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday as I really enjoy my freedom and independence! Perhaps it is also in my blood for this celebration to be special to me since I am related to John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Sam Adams and Abagail Adams. I have always had a good time on this night since I was a kid and because of this it did make me miss New Hampshire and Massachusetts a little bit, but it is always great making new memories on this spectacular holiday.

Later that night, after we said goodnight to Cathy and Gary, we found ourselves shaking and grooving to booty music on the dance floor at the "Mai Tai" dance club on Clematis Street, celebrating our freedom!

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