Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Our Version of In Brugges"

Finally I have the video from our visit to Brugges, Belgium up and ready. I admit it has taken me some time to complete this video but there are a couple of reasons that I would like to share about what took me so long.

The first reason is that Uday and I saw the movie, "In Brugges" and I can not tell you how disappointed I was. Uday's expectations were lower than mine and even he could not believe how bad this movie was. The movie, "In Brugges" was bad on two levels. It had a slow and depressing plot. Secondly, it was supposed to be funny, but it only had one funny scene in the whole movie and that only caused me to slightly giggle.

The second reason why it took me so long to make this video is because I really enjoyed Brugges since it is such a "fairy-tale city" (at least they do say that in the movie with the "F-word" in front). We ended up taking a lot of video footage in making this video and I made it a point to put extra love and care into "Our version of In Brugges" to give the city a more fair representation of what it really is. I am not sure I can do Brugges justice with our amateur camera, videography, and software for editing, but I know that "Our Version of In Brugges" comes a lot closer than Hollywood's. I do not recommend that anyone see the dark, depressing and boring movie called, "In Brugges", but I definitely recommend that if you get a chance, go see the real city of Brugges in Belgium. Whether you get to go or not, check out "Our Version of In Brugges" and see for yourself how magical this city really is.

Click on the picture below to watch our video:

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