Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun in the Sun at Miami Seaquarium

This past weekend Uday and I decided to check out the Seaquarium in Miami. We invited my Mom and our friends, Kathy and Gary , who decided to join us. Uday and I thought it would be indoors in the air-conditioning but we were wrong. Everything was outside and it was very hot. I unfortunately did not dress appropriately for the occasion and was minding the heat. Despite the heat I enjoyed watching the beautiful sea animals and enjoyed having my Mom and friends to share this experience. Miami Seaquarium was small and does not compare to SeaWorld in Orlando but we especially enjoyed the Sea Lion show which was very cute and funny.

We also enjoyed the Killer Whale show...

I also loved watching the Sea Lions swim in the pools before and after their shows. Sea Lions just have the cutest faces!

It was also interesting watching the gentle Florida Manatees (also known as Sea Cow) and are most closely related to the Elephant family.

Before leaving Miami we also took a drive along Ocean Blvd in South Beach since Mom never saw South Beach in person. I told her that she had to see it in person since "CSI Miami" is her favorite show. We have a few pictures of the strip on South Beach included in the picture link below.

Click on the picture below to see pictures that I took with my old beat up camera:

And click on the picture below to view the ones Gary took with his awesome camera (that we might go out and buy soon) . The picture on the top of this blog was also taken with Gary's camera:

Here is a short video of our visit to Miami Seaquarium (courtesy of Gary). Click on the picture below to watch the video.

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Sandy Mader said...

Eric, I really enjoyed your pictures. Amy does a great job. You are very fortunate to have such a beautiful wife. You make a wonderful couple.

(Uday's work college)