Monday, October 6, 2008

My BOO !!

I know Halloween is coming but this is not a blog about Halloween yet this is about our dog Riley, who I call Boo. I got Boo from the Peggy Adams Animal Shelter, in West Palm Beach, Florida on Valentines Day in 2003. Boo and I became very close and she also accepted and took in Uday whom she knows as "Buddy"! Boo loves and trusts me like her mommy and loves and lusts Buddy! Together, we all have a lot of fun being silly and we all go to the park on average once or twice a weekend when Uday and I are not traveling. At the park we enjoying running and Boo loves to chase birds and squirrels. Boo is especially obsessed with kitties and squirrels and has a disappointing weekend if she does not get to see any. We see her running in her sleep while she is sleeping in her bed and we know she is dreaming about chasing those squirrels. The park hardly has anymore squirrels left since she has chased them all away. Now where ever Uday and I go, we also try and take pictures of squirrels out of respect for Boo.

Boo has a great sense of humor and seems to really enjoy making us laugh. She knows that all she has to do to get attention is put her bum in the air with her face flat on the floor and she gets laughs and pats on her "tushy" as Uday calls it.

Boo doesn't like baths but likes to swim in the pond. Sh
e also loves to ride in the car with the wind blowing in her face, but doesn't like it when we blow in her face. She always has to have the front seat. People drive by and think Uday is awful because I am in the back seat and Boo is in the front, but I prefer it this way otherwise Boo is standing on my lap.

When we leave the house we tell her, "we'll be back...", and she puts her head down and she sadly walks to her bed and lays down with her chin flat on the bed with her big brown eyes looking up at us as to say, "please take me too". Some times when we come back she gets so exited that she runs from one room to another throwing herself on her bed in the living room and then running to the bedroom and throwing herself on her bed in our bedroom. She also changes this pattern up by sliding across our King Size bed. She's a funny Boo!

Another thing to note is that Boo actually smiles especially when she knows she has done something she is not suppose to do or did not do something she was suppose to do. When she smirks sh
e has a smile like Kermit the Frog. I call it the "Kermy smile" and she also knows this by name. Check out her Kirmy smile in some of our pictures. It is very cute!

We took some pictures of some of our times together and set it to music. It gives a good idea of the fun we have with Boo but there are too many memories and experiences to really give Boo and her personality justice.
Boo is awesome!!

Click on the picture below to get a glimpse of Da Boo!

Click on the picture below to see the adventures of Boo with a Rat!

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