Monday, December 1, 2008

Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Concert Rocks!

Sticky and somewhat sweet Madonna hits her electric guitar as if she had played it all her life. Head banging, and even playing the guitar with her booty, she was proving to the world that she did deserve the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Award that she earned earlier this year. Madonna has always been my favorite singer/entertainer and my idol, so this blog post might be a little bias. I felt so lucky and excited to see Madonna again as Uday gave this to me as an early birthday gift. This was my third time seeing Madonna in concert and it is always exciting but a bit of a tease to be so close to her yet so far away!

So many things I would like to say to her and ask her such as what is it that she would like to do that she has not done yet in her life? I would like to tell her how her music has helped me to get through sad break-ups, torn friendships, deaths, and my difficult childhood. I would like to tell her how she and her music inspired me to be goal oriented, stand up for what I believe in, and keep dancing... But I did not get to talk with her and I was not even close to the stage so all I could do was enjoy her live performance and ponder how much she has grown since she first started inspiring me. I couldn't help but wonder how much I have grown too since I first began listening to her. I feel like she and I have similar interests in common yet I am not sure if this is because of our similar personalities or due to her influence over me. Which ever the case may be, I was proud of how "Wordly" she became and I am becoming.

Many of her underlying themes in this concert were on hope for world peace, decrease suffering, and the need for change. She is a big fan of Obama and promoted him well. Surprisingly, this was the only controversial issue that I saw in her concert this time, and I must say I was a little disappointed about that. I thought to myself, "is she conforming to sticking to safer subjects, or is it just that she has already said it all in the past?" Many of her clips about the world showed differen
t parts and people in India, and Uday and I found out that night that we would be postponing our trip to India that we were supposed to leave for the next morning, because of the recent violence in Mumbai. This also put a damper on my excitement of being at the concert as Uday was busy talking with his parents, calming my mom, and on the phone with the airlines before, during, and after the concert. I tried to remain focused on enjoying Madonna as I knew it would be over too quickly.

The concert was suppose to begin at 7:30pm and a surprise guest was suppose to come out before Madonna. This never happened and Madonna did not perform until 10:00pm. This wait was disappointing especially when we
had been told that a surprise guest was suppose to perform. I pictured poor Brittney Spears back stage saying, "Oops I did it again..." Overall I really enjoyed Madonna's concert and was surprised by her ability to rock out on the electric guitar and also to hold her own with her voice especially when she held a really long note on a song called, "You Must Love Me" from Evita. I would have loved for her to have sang more songs but I guess she just has too many songs and too little time. I took some pictures of the concert surroundings and of course Madonna.

Click on the picture below to see more pictures from Madonna's Concert:


Mark Pipkin said...

I think Madonna is awesome!!!!... So happy to hear that your family is safe... take care...

Mark Pipkin

Vasudha Tunikoju said...

Hi Uday, nice pics of Madonna. I guess you guys are having lots and lots of fun. Enjoy!! This is the time to have fun - before kids. After that, you would not have time for fun. I keep seeing your pictures.

Take care then,
Vasudha Tunikoju Vundecode
(Uday's friend from India)