Saturday, May 24, 2008

How we Celebrated our First Anniversary!

In addition to getting a head start with celebrating our First Year Anniversary in Europe we spent Sunday, May 18th on South Beach, in Miami, Florida. This was the day before our anniversary, because Uday had to work the next day.

The first time we ever went to South Beach together was before we were officially dating. We decided to go to South Beach and swim in the ocean and then at the spur of the moment rented a Jet-Ski (or wave-runner). We had so much fun and I felt sparks and decided to tell Uday that I was having feelings for him. From that day we gave it a try and began dating to see where it would take us. I knew it was very risky especially since we lived together as roommates and had been friends living together for about a year. Turned out it was worth the risk!

So to celebrate our First Year Anniversary, I found it fitting to go back to South Beach. This time I stepped it up a little by taking Uday Para Sailing as my present for him (and us) to remember this day and how we began our adventure at South Beach.

I know how Uday likes adventure... but to my surprise he was a little nervous. Despite Uday's butterfly's we had a lot of fun and Uday was glad he did it! It turned out to be very windy and rough when we were on the boat and because of this we were the last ones they took out to sea. This made the experience all the more adventurous.

Click on the picture below to see some pictures of us in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

Also on May 19th, 2008, (our official Anniversary date) when Uday got out of work, we went together for Salsa lessons. I have been taking lessons since January of 2008 as this was my New Year's Resolution and Uday joined shortly after me. Now my mom also takes Salsa lessons!

A few months ago we were able to go out to the club and show off our Salsa moves! Here is a picture of us the night we went to the Salsa Club. (In the picture we are at our home and are about to go out).

Thanks for remembering us and reading about our First Year Anniversary experiences!


Naveen Vasamsetty said...

Hey Uday, belated Anniversary Wishes to both of you... glad to see you guys had a good time,

(Uday's friend from India)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you had fun girl!


Moin Mohammed said...

Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary!

Moin Mohammed
(Uday's friend from Louisiana)

Randy DeMary said...

Hey Uday!

Congratulations on your first year of marriage. I hope you enjoyed your trip.

Randy DeMary
(Uday's friend from Louisiana)

Jaswanth Lal said...

Hello Uday bhai,

Kaisan hai re?? sab theek thak! Belated Congratulations for your first wedding anniversary.

Hey, I saw your pictures and it proves that you guys are very much happy and at the end of the day that is what counts. The pictures were really amazing.

Looks like finally I'll be categorized as married in December. Any plans for coming down to India during that period?

Thanks & Regards,
Jaswanth Lal
(Uday's friend from India)