Sunday, March 1, 2009

"The Best Job in the World" - Our Videos

Since January 2009, when Uday and I first learned about "The Best Job in the World" in Australia this is all we could talk about and think about. "This job was made for us!" is what I thought. Somewhat naive, and maybe a little narcissistic or really positive (thanks to the video, "The Secret") I already saw myself there in Australia having this job and knew Uday and I were the best candidates. All of the time and effort that Uday and I have put into having fun and writing this blog would finally pay-off. He is the funny one and I already have a blog about my thought and travels with creative videos. Well, it turns out that 34,000 other people also applied thinking that they were the best and the job was made for them! I also knew that for some reason if one us were not picked to be the person hired for the job that at least we would most probably both be picked for top 11 and we would get to visit the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef for free! Queensland Tourism stated that they would shortlist to 50 and then from there pick top 10 and the 11th person could be picked by the public. If nothing else Uday and I were certain that we would be top 50. We saw a lot of the video's and ours were really much more creative and humorous!

I was sure that most people had heard about this job but in talking to some of our friends I learned that a lot of people were not aware of what it is about. In short: "IT'S AWESOME!!!!" They are paying the finalist $150,00 Australian money which is about $97,000 in American money to live on an Island in Australia called Hamilton Island in the Queensland area tor 6 months to vacation, have fun being a tourist, take pictures, videos and blogging about it in a creative way with promoting the island's and Queensland!!! The finalist was also allowed and encouraged to bring family and/or a friend to live in their free three bedroom paid housing during their 6 month stay! It can't get any better!

To our surprise and great disappointment neither one of us were picked to be top 50! I must admit that some of the videos look so professional with their sophisticated software that I can see why they were picked over us but there are others that do not seem better than ours to me.

At the beginning they stressed creativity and most importantly making them laugh! Now that they have picked top 50 they are stating it is important that the candidates are "media savvy" and did their research about the Queensland and the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

We were allowed to make as many videos as we wanted as long as they were different form each other and under different emails. I made three and Uday made two and we worked on these videos for a month on all of our free time when we were not working. It was fun making them but a lot of work.

Each video is 60 seconds or less!

Click on the pictures below to view our application videos:

Amy Video - 1

Amy Video - 2

Amy Video - 3

Uday Video - 1

Uday Video - 2

Please leave comments on which one of these you think is the best video and if your interested you may click on the link or picture of "The Best Job in the World" to compare our videos to the top 50 that have been selected so far.

Have fun watching our videos!

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Cathy & Garry said...

Great job, guys! We both watched all 5 and liked Amy's 3rd and Uday's 2nd the best. All were great, though!