Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Breath Taking British Virgin Island: Virgin Gorda

Have you ever felt like you were in a scene from "The Pirat
es of the Caribbean" and a Victoria Secret shoot, all at the same time? Well, I felt like that when Uday and I visited Virgin Gorda, one of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. This experience was one of my favorites from our trip to the Virgin Islands. The day started out gray, windy and chilly but after taking the hour and a half Ferry ride, going through immigration and then finally a short taxi ride, the weather was beautiful and sunny by the time we arrived to the place called "The Baths" and "Devils Bay"at Virgin Gorda.

The only thing we really knew about this area was it was the best thing to see in the British Virgin Islands and that a volcano erupted long time ago and threw the rocks in places that created caves and swimming areas. We were also told that Victoria Secret did have a swim suit photo shoot there a few years ago and I learned recently that they are having another one there this year in 2009.

This really is the perfect place... Not only is it sexy and breath-taking it feels mysterious... There are myths that the pirates did bury treasures there and we saw a big rock that looked like a skull face (seemed like a marker for hidden treasure!!).

One small boutique owner opened up a store in front of this rock and he stated that the story is that there have been people who have dug around that area to look for the treasure and were cursed and died soon after.

I did not dig there but while in the section called "The Baths" where I took a dip in the bath and swam around even though it was a little cold as it was in a cave, I could not resist putting my hands through the clean sand to see if I felt anything hard like a burried treasure. If "Pirates of the Carribean" was not ever shot there, it should be, because it is a perfect location to hang out as a pirate... and what better place than a bay called, "Devil's Bay", a beach beside "The Baths". I could not help but wonder if a pirate did indeed name the Bay. "Arrrh, I'll bury me treasure, and name the beach Devil's Bay so me mates are afraid and stay away... a pirate's life for me". (Corny but I remember feeling like talking that way when I was there and it brought back memories of the movie "The Goonies" and that is a good feeling). Around every corner there was a new picture waiting to be taken, but I am afraid that no picture can capture the adventure we both felt exploring.

If you ever get to go to the Virgin Island's do not go home without experiencing "The Baths" and Devil's Bay at Virgin Gorda. We were told on a calm day that there was good snorkeling as well but the water was extremely ruff when we were there which also led to some great photos.

Click on the picture below to see all of our picture of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Island:


Sandy Mader said...

The pictures were wonderful. It looks like such a nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing

Sandy Mader
(Uday's co-worker at Authentium Inc.)

Kim Collins said...

Omg............ I'm absolutely jealous. You guys looked like you had a blast :)

Kim Collins
(Uday's co-worker at Authentium Inc.)

Carla Connar said...

Great, guys!!! I am so happy to travel with you. Loved it!

Carla Connar

Jon Zeigler said...

Awesome stuff. Janna and I really liked the pictures. Virgin Gorda looks amazing.

Jon Zeigler
(Uday's friend from Louisiana)