Saturday, April 25, 2009

Variety and Spice in West Palm Beach

Here is a little illustration of what Uday and I do when we are not working and going on vacations. We keep ourselves so busy that sometimes I tend to just highlight the vacation stuff. So here is just a little bit of what else we have been up to...

We got a chance to hang out with some friends and spend quality time with our dogs. Bonding with our dogs Boo and Simba, we take them to
the park at least twice, almost every weekend. They are so much fun to watch and are also bonding more everyday with each other! Here's some pictures of Boo and Simba at the nicest closest park called Okeeheelee Park .

There are always beautiful sunsets at this park and we most often go right before sunset.

Here is another event that we try to do every year and here are pictures of me getting ready and saying good-bye to Simba to go to India Fest, in West Palm Beach...

Here is a little taste of India and a close up shot of two of the dancers at the West Palm Beach India festival:

It was nice meeting our friends at the Festival. Jerry and his wife Brittany are still newlyweds, and it was nice to catch up with them since last seeing them at their wedding. This all American couple do love Spicy food! It was also nice hanging out with our other friend John who tried Indian food for the first time and he liked it even though he usually doesn't like Spicy food. He also bought the idol of an Indian god as
a souvenir. And by the way ladies, John is still single!!

We all liked the food and dance... check out a short clip of an Indian dance below:

Speaking of India, we enjoy going to our favorite Indian restaurant called India Palace. Shaji, one of the owners of the restaurant assures us that his food is the best and I must say that Uday and I agree. Uday says that this restaurant serves the most authentic Indian food he has ever tasted outside of India. And the best thing is that Shaji makes us feel less guilty about getting our fill there when he tells us about the zero calories, zero fat and zero cholesterol. You got to love Shaji!!! Here is a short clip of him talking about his restaurant!

Keeping with the Indian theme...we also saw Slumdog Millionaire and loved it!!! I was so appreciative that they made this movie so Americans and people from other countries can see how different it is in India. The need to help the many homeless children there is real! As an American citizen (and a social worker) I find it horrifying that a government doesn't do more to help homeless and starving kids. Uday says, "although there are some orphanages they still cannot reach the many homeless starving kids on the streets due to the economic, social, and political structure in India". As an animal lover (although this was not shown in the movie), their animal rights are not that effective, and there continues to be many homeless and starving domesticated animals. There are still organizations such as Animal Rights India, In Defense of Animals in India, and Blue Cross of India that protect and help stray animals. I hope this movie draws more attention in order to help India!!

Another thing we got to do, as we do once in a while was to go camping. This time we went to Lake Kissimmee State Park with our friend Scott and his Christian outdoorsy group called Outlanders. This was the first time we also brought our two dogs, Boo and Simba, with us.

Here is a the camp sign on the left and Uday and Scott on the right with Uday holding a fallen feather from a Vulture.

Ahh, the great outdoors...

That night Uday made chicken curry for everyone while I held both Boo and Simba.

As evening approached, we listened to Jesus play Christian music. (That sentence sounds funny)! Later as the night died down, Scott snapped many pictures such as the two below. The picture on the left shows Uday and I listening to Jesus and the picture on the right Scott took before retiring to his tent and it is one of my favorites. He is into photography and I must say that he can take some real good ones...Thanks for the good time and good pictures Scott :)

It was fun but the dogs were a lot of work and did not want to sleep most of the night because they were protecting us from all of the noises so the next day we were all tired but we still managed to do some exploring:

It was interesting to see our dogs enjoy the adventure of being outside and their new appreciation for coming home at the end of camping!

While driving around Kissimmee, we visited a place called "Spook Hill". We had to drive around for a while to find it
since the signs getting there are missing, but when one finally find it, it is so "spooky"... not really! You drive to where the bottom of the hill begins and with your car in neutral watch it roll backwards.
Click on the picture below to see a video about Spook Hill and it's Legend and watch the car go backwards.

They say it is due to a Native American Legend, although I thought perhaps it was just physics. I still need to give this a try at the bottom of another steep hill to see if the same thing happens or if it truely is "spooky".

On our way we also came across miles and miles of orange groves. The Kissimmee area is known for its fresh and juicy oranges. So we stopped by one of these groves and helped ourselves to a few of these ripe fruits :)

Lastly, the other thing we have been up to has been re-painting and decorated our bedroom and downstairs bathroom. Since we can't sell our Townhouse at this time we finally decided to give it a little fixing. Well, I decided and Uday was nice enough to go along with it!
The first picture is an old picture of our bedroom before we got our King size bed. The second we have our King size and different bedspread but it is hard to see much as we moved everything but the walls are the same.

The picture on the right also shows me goofing around while we were painting . Below are pictures of how it looks now.

I love how our new bedspread happens to match our two dogs.

Along with painting the downstairs bathroom, I also made a painting of leaves for that room that I am pretty proud of.

I don't get to be creative often at work as a therapist, so it feels good to be creative at home.

And with that, we continue to spice up our lives...


Cathy K. said...

Cool blog. I didn't know about Spook Hill! The bedroom and bathroom look great--love the leaf painting! You're making me miss Florida with all the camping stories!

Ramakrishna Dutta said...

Good Uday & Amy, Keep it going on...

Ramakrishna Dutta
(Uday's friend from India)