Friday, May 22, 2009

Second year Anniversary at Billy Swamp Safari

Uday and I decided to make each other "horny" on our second year anniversary and wanted to share this with the world... yeah baby!!!!

Now that we got that out of the way and you learned too much information, let me tell you what else we did to celebrate our anniversary...

Every time Uday and I think we covered most of the tourist spots in South Florida, we continue to be pleasantly surprised and find more great places to visit. We had decided to take it easy for this year's celebration because of all the traveling we have been doing and plan on doing soon. We drove down to the West side of Miami and went to Billy Swamp Safari. Initially, we planned on camping in the little straw huts in this park, but decided that we would instead go home to our dogs since we will be leaving in a couple of weeks on our next trip. So we just went for the day and planned on camping at Billy's some time in the future.

I have to say that Florida has been in drought lately but this place was amazing and beautiful in drought and on the safari our driver told us that it is much more beautiful when we have received a lot of rain. There were options here to go on an airboat ride or a swamp buggy and since Uday and I have been on the air boat ride at other places, we decided to go on the swamp buggy ride and it was a true open safari. We did not expect that we would see any animals but we saw many.

This cute looking raccoon kept coming to our buggy for food...

I felt like we were in Africa instead of Florida. I had such a good vibe surrounded by positive energy.

Here is a short video clip of our buggy ride (music used "Beastie
Boys, Hold it Now, Hit it"):

While at Billy Swamp Safari we also saw a reptile show where the guy showed us four different types of poisonous snakes, out of the six that inhabit Florida. We learned a lot about these snakes and also to recognize and distinguish them from the harmless kinds. The picture below is of a "Water Moccasin" (also called "Cotton Mouth"), one of the poisonous snakes in Florida.

Billy's Swamp Safari is located on an Indian Reservation and I have always felt a connection with, admired, and respected Native American's and there culture.

On the way driving through the Indian Reservation we saw a few Native American families having fun and stopping to go to the store and get gas while on their four wheelers. I discreetly captured a picture of one of the kids on the Reservation.

We also noticed that most of their houses also had a Tiki Hut picnic area beside their house. We were told they continue to keep their traditions and eat outside with family on a regular basis.

I noticed that the Indians made their own orange juice and on the label it said, "Seminole Tribe of Florida, INC. In God We Trust". I thought that the Native American culture traditionally did not believe in a "God", but rather worshiped the "elements". I could not help but wonder if this saying was forced upon them from our US Government? I also wondered if they liked that saying because that is on US money, and what culture in these days does not like money?

Back on the safari, touring around the place, Uday and I really enjoyed the animals and the natural setting and were able to capture some of the beauty. It was a great place to spend our two year anniversary, seeing and doing what we both love... animals and nature. Later, on the actual date of our anniversary (May 19th), we went out for Indian Food and Uday also surprised me with my favorite "Toasted Coconut Ice-Cream" which we first tried in St. Augustine, Florida, He also downloaded some of my favorite songs and danced with me. I appreciated his efforts to be romantic and I felt happy thinking about our future ahead.

Click on the picture below to see all of our pictures from Billy Swamp Safari:

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