Friday, August 28, 2009

June 9th & 10th "The Real India" - Indian Style Chores, Rest, and Dancing

June 9th

Walking around Uday's home city, Secunderbad, next to Hyderabad and hanging out with family, I can't resist taking a picture of this little girl outside her home.

We do some of our laundry with their laundry machine and relax and spend time with the family. I find this a bit of a surprise that their washing machine is not like ours in America. They have no dryer but our clothes dry fast hanging outside.

India is such a contradiction and here is an example illustrating a home of the rich and a home for the poor! Notice the blue tents near the big white house.

Uday also shows me the neighborhood and the house he grew up in when he was kid. I get to see how others who can not afford a machine and/or do not have running water do their laundry and dishes. It really makes me appreciate the conveniences we have in America.

Here are a few pictures of Uday's house where he grew up.

This is where the bathrooms are located.

Back at Uday's parents home Uttam is all about more rest and relaxation:

Uday's mom is cooking something good in the kitchen!

Tonight we met Bob, Uday's friend from childhood!

June 10th

We go to Temples around Secunderbad! It is like taking a tour of local churches in America but much more exotic.

We walk around the temples in our bare-feet as this is the tradition but it is so hot outside that the bottoms of our feet are burning and we decide that we have seen enough temples in order to save our feet.

Later we meet Uday's older brother Pradeep and his wife Aruna: We walk into Uday's parent's home after visiting the temples to find Pradeep and his Aruna eating in the kitchen and I am surprised that knowing we are on our way that they do not wait for us. This is even more unemotional meeting than first meeting Uday's other family members. It appears to me that Pradeep and his wife are not that interested that we are there, but rather more interested in what they are eating. Since Uday's mom also did not get along well with Pradeep's wife I wondered if everyone was quiet at first, "testing the waters". Later I learn just how much Pradeep really does love to eat! I also learn that he is very excited to see us but is acting shy at the beginning (as this is a new theme I'm learning in India).

I love his "Tom Selleck" mustache!

Together we all go shopping and then we decide to go on a boat cruise dancing!

The boat ride is awesome...

Check out this funny video of the three brothers dancing!

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