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June 11th - "The Real India" - Ramoji Film City

June 11th

Feeling peaceful and relaxed, the whole family decides to go to Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, for some tourism as a family. I get so much positive reinforcement from the family just for doing the dishes that Pradeep's wife and I are fighting over who is going to do the dishes especially since it will look bad for whose ever wife is not doing the dishes. We decide to compromise and wash them together. A little later I catch Uttam washing his dish... and he says he never does dishes!

While we are washing the dishes, Uday is hanging out with his dad and very happy that he and the rest of the family are able to talk his dad into going with us this afternoon. His dad does not want to spend the money and have to do all that walking, but agrees to go anyway after some convincing.

The family hires a taxi since there are too many of us to fit in their small car and we are on the road for about two hours.

I am not sure what to expect, but I picture Bollywood dancers and singers somewhere with a colorful background. I just hope I get to meet the most hottest actor in Bollywood movies right now named, Sharukh Khan. We enter and the suspense builds.

I am surprised to see "Guinness World Records" and "Largest Film Studio Complex in the World", on the Ramoji sign. Now I really have my hopes up on what we will experience here.

We watch some dancers dressed in traditional costume as we wait to get on the bus that will take us further into the Park. I can't image how uncomfortable that nose ring must be on the female dancers.

Soon after we enter the park I find it funny to see an Indian dressed like an American Indian. I can see why the first explorers in American named our Natives, "Indian".

Just into the park after the long car ride and ready for a little rest and relaxation, especially Uttam.

Finally some picture time with the family with some outdoor scenery. First the male Kumars...

Next the female Kumars...

More pictures...

Uday and Uttam...

Uday and Pradeep...

I snap a picture of Uday modeling and like how his shirt blends nicely with the wall. I also could not resist taking these picture perfect flowers.

After much walking we finally get to the movie part and I begin to notice how sweet and romantic Pradeep and Aruna are together. It is interesting for me to watch them knowing that they had an arranged marriage and did not begin to know each other until after being married.

Staring Pradeep and Aruna - the innocent lives of each individual turns into an everlasting love together forever.

Pradeep and Aruna go off on their own for a while to spend time together while Uday becomes busy yelling at his dad for not walking with Uday's Mom. He is so busy lecturing his dad about how unromantic he is and not a good husband that I am spending my time hanging out with Uttam. I feel angry with Uday for creating drama and negativity when everyone is getting along and happy. I am thankful that Uttam is there and I really enjoy his company and laid back attitude that Uday once had. I also find it ironic that Uday is criticizing his dad meanwhile he should be looking at himself. The therapist in mean thinks that he is mad at his dad because he sees his dad in himself and vice versa and wishes he was more romantic himself (hmmmm... I feel like I have written this before). But Uday says he was angry at his dad because his dad was not doing what he would like him to do. We all meet up again at the cowboy stunt show and I take these funny pictures of the guys. Uday takes a picture of me and Aruna but we don't look as funny as they do.

It is very hot and I can't seem to drink enough water. I am still "not feeling" Uday, so I decide to spend more time with the rest of the family and by myself. I am very pleasantly distracted by this monkey that found a snack and enjoy taking a few snapshots. This monkey seems like it is equivalent to our squirrel in America in the way that it is common here and not caged.

I with Uday's father, and Uday with his snack, are getting ready...

to watch a dancing style Bollywood Act...

Uday and Uttam were drooling over this white older woman from Russia, with her slim figure and long hair. I agreed that she had a very nice body but I was mostly jealous that she had the job of my dreams (if I can't be on Broadway or Las Vegas). I fantasize about moving to India and giving up everything to be a dancer here even if it is at a "cheesy want to be like Universal Studios" but not even close, place. No offense to this place, as I especially enjoy the show, but compared to the theme parks in Orlando this park was a big disappointment.

But I didn't go for the park as much as to have a fun family outing with Uday's family, one that we never had before ,and who knows if we would ever be able to have again. I still feel sad that Uday decided to let his ego make the experience a lot less desirable than it could have been. I feel bad for Uday's dad who did not want to come in the first place, feel a little bad for myself that I am lonely and embarrassed about Uday's behavior and feel bad for Uday that he might regret his choice when ever he gets over his ego. Even though I am having a "pity-party" in my mind, I put on a happy face for the rest of the family's sake and decide to speak to Uday when we return back at his parent's house in private. Here we all are taking "happy" pictures.

Uday's fam
ily does not appear to take Uday's attitude as personally as I do. Here is a picture of Uday's parents, Lalitha and Prem holding hands on there own account and also some beautiful night scenery.

With the peace and relaxation gone, that I had when I entered the park, the night at this park is nevertheless, spectacular. Even though we are all tired and hot, I am glad that we stayed so long to see the different monuments and structures lit up. It has potential to be a very romantic spot.

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