Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back Home in America!

July -
We arrive back home in America after spending two weeks in India just in time to recuperate and get ready for my favorite holiday, Independence Day. I have now discovered a new found appreciation for America and enjoyed spending the 4th of July on Delray Beach, Florida this year. Ahh it is good to be back home!

Uday and I both love Delray Beach especially since this was the town we got married in. We walk towards the beach where they will be setting off the fireworks.

We make some friends and I just love their "Patriotic look"! It doesn't get better than this on the 4th of July!!

We also meet another nice couple who have extra 3-D glasses and they give them to Uday and I. This was the first time we both ever watched the fireworks in 3-D.

It is like looking at a kaleidoscope!

Time moves on and we are back at home enjoying our dogs. Simba continues to be curious and fits in quite well with the family.

August -
We do some more exploring of Florida and decide to visit "Blowing Rocks Preserve" in Jupiter, FL. I join Associated Content and Examiner as a new writer and I publish an article on examiner.com on the "Blowing Rocks Preserve". Click on the picture for a link to this article.

We can't resist frequent visits to Peanut Island off of Singer Island and Riviera Beach, FL where we snorkel often. It is a $10 round trip ticket for a 10 minute ride on the Water Taxi to get over to the Island to snorkel for free. Every time we go it feels like we are on vacation and I still can't believe we live here!

There is also a Tiki Bar stationed here while we wait for the Water Taxi and it is not only a great place to get tropical drinks but they have a good menu and live music!

We take some fun pictures snorkeling but the pictures of the fish do not do this place justice. The snorkeling is great here but the pictures often come out blurry!

Uday's ready for snorkeling...

and so am I....

there is always lots of fish here!

But not always jelly fish, I guess this is season!

We also visit another favorite spot in our area called Bush Wild Animal Sanctuary, where they rescue wild animals and return them back to nature whenever possible and when it is not possible they take care of them at the sanctuary. It is a free place to see and learn about these animals but they need all the donations they can get to stay running.

They have many types of animals here and we took a picture of only a few since they are fenced in and the pictures do not come out is good as we would like. Below is a Florida Panther and they have a few of them here that used to be someone's pet and were de-clawed and cannot survive in the wild this way. One of them is actually named Simba, like our dog and they look alike too!

We enjoyed this very cute owl...

this pretty Falcon, which by the way, Madonna said she would be if she could be any animal!

And this Florida bird that I believe is called a Blue Egret and many, many more creatures ...

September -
In addition to enjoying being home and doing tourism in and around our home town we have been busy packing and getting ready to move out of our town-house and in with Mom since we got renters and we put an offer on another home. Since the offer is on a "Short-sale" we know that it will take some time and we are thankful that we can stay with Mom along with our two dogs, Boo and Simba, and her dog Hailey.

Before we know it we have moved our stuff to storage and are living with Mom. Here is a picture of the three dogs getting along on the bed we will be sleeping in for a while.

We continue to keep so busy that it is difficult to keep up with my blogs but as long a we are still having fun, it's all good!

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