Friday, October 30, 2009

What Happens in West Palm Stays in West Palm!

Last weekend my cousins from my grandmother's side came down from Massachusetts for a visit and all of these pictures are courtesy of my cousins Debbie and Judy. I decided to take a break from the camera this weekend and just have fun and pay more attention to my guests as I sometimes get too carried away with the camera. They were interested in sightseeing and the nightlife that South Florida has to offer. Well they can't possibly come here to do sightseeing and not go on an air-boat ride to see the South Florida Gators. And I am talking about the real gators not the college football team... and that is the first thing we did. First they discovered the Everglades. This was my third time here and each time is a different experience, and never old for me!

It is always exciting to see an alligator in its own natural environment up close and personal and even more fun to be with others on their first time.

We learned that these birds are voted one of the prettiest in Florida and even more beautiful in person.

We also learned that they have a difficult time surviving due to being eaten by the alligators!

Below is a picture of my cousins Debbie and Sharon in front of the air-boat we were on.

Here Debbie, Sharon and Judy are being brave for a picture in front of an alligator that is coming towards them.

After the air-boat ride we went to see this "Alligator Dundee, Jr", play with his friends and answer questions for us. I appreciated the respect he had for the alligators and his warmth in protecting them.

He also had a little fun with the gator!

Bye Gators, until next time!

After leaving the Gators and stopping at a store where they sold Florida Oranges and other specialties from the area we were on our way to our next destination in the area called the Hard Rock Seminole Casino. Here the options are gambling, eating, dancing, and shopping to name a few. I can't say what we chose to do besides the awesome Italian Restaurant that we ate at because we had a girls day and night out with a secret pack! Below is a picture of the Hard Rock lit up at night from the parking garage as we were leaving!

Next Sharon, Debbie and I kept the party going and when we got home and changed we went out to City Place in West Palm Beach and had a lot of fun dancing but did not bring the camera.

The next night we got ready to go to South Beach in Miami and this time Uday joined us and Mom and Judy stayed home and relaxed.

Simba wanted to join the party but there was not enough room in the car!

We ate at a Latin fusion restaurant where the food servings were small but the food was very good. This was my first time having Spanish food gourmet style! Below Sharon and Debbie toast with their signature Miami drinks such as Sangria and a Mojito.

Below is Debbie and Sharon in front of Versace's old house.

and us too!

We had to show them Miami's most famous nightclub called Mangoes and Uday and I wanted to go in since we never have before but instead we all decided to go to the outdoor club called Clevelander where we could dance. At Mangoes it is all about watching the sexy male and female Latin dancers.

Uday and I had fun watching from the outside for a while.

Finally some dancing of our own. My cousin Sharon was the hit of the party with all of her groovy moves.

My cousins enjoyed some sunshine and relaxation at the pool at my mom's clubhouse during the day.

One of the days they were here I took Sharon and Debbie to Peanut Island for snorkeling and Mom took Judy to Busch's Wild Animal Sanctuary. Judy took a few pictures of what they saw at the Sanctuary. Sharon, Debbie and I did not take our camera for snorkeling. Later we all met up at the Tiki Bar and had lunch! It was a great South Florida day and the weather could not have been more perfect!!

Before they left they decided they had to go to the Breakers in Palm Beach for dinner. For those who do not know what the Breakers is, it is the most posh hotel in Palm Beach! It is the place to see and be seen! Uday and I decided to sit this one out! Below is a picture of the ladies outside the Breakers.

Now a few pictures of the inside...

Cocktail hour at the Breakers with the ocean view!

And Sharon being herself and adjusting well to the Palm Beach lifestyle!

Last but not least a picture of my Mom feeling like a princess with the royal treatment at the Breakers and with our cousins!

It was so fun having our cousins here for a visit and we can't wait for them to come back again! We will be thinking of what to do with them next time and hopefully more prepared to keep up with my cousin Sharon who was like the "Energizer Bunny". Hope they enjoyed a little bit of what West Palm Beach and the area has to offer! And remember "What happens in West Palm stays in West Palm!

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