Thursday, January 21, 2010

Videos of India from our Trip last June!

No matter how many pictures I have of India they seem to be missing much of our experience in India and I only hope that these videos can help supplement to my past India Blogs some of what is missing. Seeing the people in action and hearing the sounds of India give another glimpse into this exotic culture. I tried to do my best to pick music that best represented the places we visited as I edited these videos. I hope these films will help you, whenever you plan a trip to India in order to pick the areas (that we caught on film from our visit) that you would most like to visit. We covered many of the famous spots in India but there are many more places to go in India that we have not yet visited ourselves.The videos go in order of the itinerary we put together for our trip.

The first two video begins in Delhi as we flew into Delhi and from there we drive to Jim Corbett National Park and stay at a camp called Wild Trail. We went on three safaris here, two of which were on an Elephant and one in a jeep where we saw a tiger. This was a truly beautiful place with a very different feel then the city's we visited in India.

Click on the picture below to view the video from Jim Corbett:

Click the picture below to continue to watch the second video of more of our adventures at Jim Corbett and Wild Trail :

The third video shows some traveling to a place called Haridwar and then Rishekesh. These are famous places in India where Indian people do pilgrimages to the Holy Ganges River and visit Temples. Haridwar is where most people bath in the Holy River and Rishekesh is where they have many Temples along the river. Uday and I also camped at a place called Shivpuri and went white-water rafting to Rishekesh where we visited my first temple and went shopping.

Click on the picture below to see our video around the Holy River Ganges:

Jaipur in Rajashthan is our 4th video and it shows some tourist places to visit there, highlighting the Elephant ride up to the Amber Fort and the exotic dinner place with local entertainment called Choki Dani. This dinner illustrates everything I dreamed Jaipur to be, but outside of this dinner place Jaipur is much different with it's hustle and bustle city-like atmosphere.

Click the picture below to see the video of Jaipur:

Our 5th video is Agra where we visited the Taj Mahal and that speaks for itself...

Click the picture below to see our Taj Mahal video:

And last but not least is the 6th video highlighting Uday's family, Ramoji Film Studio, and Hyderabad.

Click on the picture below to see the video of Uday's family and the place he grew up:

Hope these videos were helpful in giving another glimpse of India and planning your trip there some day and I hope that you had fun watching them. As always feel free to leave your comments about our trip to India in the comments section!

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