Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time to Make our new Den in 2010!

Downtown Delray Beach, Fl

There are so many expectations some people have during New Year's Eve and I am certainly one of them! I don't understand people like my Mom who go to sleep before midnight and/or spend New Year's Eve by themselves watching T.V. when they don't have to. I would not say that it is a superstition, but I have experienced how good New Year's Eve's have made for exciting years and bad New Year's Eve's have brought boring or depressing years. I know intellectually that this is most probably a coincidence or perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy but I can't help but wonder some times if there is more too it! So this year, we did not have any real plans for New Year's since we are waiting and saving for our new home but I wanted to do something. Uday on the other hand did not put much thought into it and was fine with what ever we did and would have been fine if we did nothing. So we both agreed that it would be fun to go see this comedian that we both liked when we saw him on Comedy Central and he happened to be at "The Improv" in West Palm Beach for New Year. Uday does not know too many comedians so it seemed like it was a no brainier that we had to see this comedian named Ralphie May, being that he is Uday's and my favorite and he was here locally. So I was relieved that we would be doing something cool for New Year's starting it with laughter and hoped to be ending it with dancing, fire-works, and kissing (my kind of night). Seeing Ralphie May was awesome and his wife performed before him and she was really funny too! We both got pictures with Ralphie and his wife gave us a free hat they were selling and Ralphie autographed it for us! Here are the pictures below of us with Ralphie May. He says he looks like a Lesbian, see if you agree!

After we saw the show and had some food and drinks Uday decided that we should drive 30 minutes down south to Delray Beach for First Night since we never went there for New Year's. I agreed that we should go some time but thought we should just stay in West Palm since we were already here and we could see the fireworks for free and not have to drive anywhere. But Uday was determined to do something different in his effort to help me have a fun exciting time. When we got to Delray Beach it was a beautiful night but as I had suspected, the festivities that we were interested in seeing were already over and the rest was mainly for kids.

We saw a few things and took pictures of the big Christmas Tree and the Carousel and I took some pictures of these random Asian women dressed traditional. I snapped the shot around the same time as the professional was taking there pictures and any one else who wanted their pictures taken in front of the white background as he was doing beautiful black and white pictures of people and charging $10 per picture. Here is my picture of them in color below.

We also watched some ballroom dance teachers teach some dance and we got to participate along with the crowd even though we did not buy our "First Night Pin". I was wondering how we were able to participate without the pin ($20 a person) but was glad that we did not have to spend the extra $40 since not much was happening. The last thing the dance teacher said was what ever you do make sure you are dancing by Midnight because that means that you will be dancing the rest of the year! I thought to myself as my eyes where getting slightly watery, "I could not have said it better myself"! I so much want to have a good year and want to dance again. I have been too busy to take dance lessons the last 6 months or so. Afterward, we decided we better go to the location where they are having the fireworks since it was already 11:30pm. At this location they would also have dancing and since it was in the middle of tennis courts they were going to be having a bunch of ping-pong balls let go at midnight. I was getting excited to dance and see the fireworks until we found out that we did have to pay to get into this area. I was trying to be smart, and non-selfish as much as I wanted to dance and be in with the action I told Uday that it was silly to pay when there will be only 20 minutes left. I have been trying to save money to prepare for the things we need to buy when we get our new home. Uday tried to talk me into it but I became frustrated at him that we did not just stay put in West Palm Beach and frustrated that he did not do better research before going to Delray. I was frustrated with myself for making a good night become a bad night but I was not sure how to change it. So I finally decided that maybe we would have a better view from the back and away from the people and not have to pay to see the fire-works and still hear the music. I thought that maybe we would be away from the crowd and the bright light and we could make this frustrating situation (at least frustrating in my own mind at that time) better. We walked to the back but I had a difficult time changing my attitude, thinking about how stupid I was for not realizing that we should have paid for the First Night pin when we got there and we could have danced longer and been with the action for hours before midnight! As my attitude got worse as we were waiting outside of the back area away from where the people were, Uday's attitude was not any better either, and when it was midnight he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek like my grandfather used to and he told me to hurry up and get my camera out to take pictures of the fire-works! My expectations of starting the New Year off right went from this (picture taken before the night became bad and symbolic of my passion to have a good night and great year):

to this (picture taken when I decided not to take pictures of the fire-works and I was hurt and angry):

Needless to say, I was too upset to even look at the fire-works and we got in the car and left early and that was our New Year's Eve. Feeling doomed for the rest of the year, after we vented to each other and were mean and childish to each other I tried to analyze how the night kept getting worse and worse. I knew and still know that I made this night worse and I knew as it was happening but felt like I could not fix it. Is this due to the pressure that I and some people in our society put on New Year's? Am I doomed for the rest of the year to have a boring or worse, angry fighting year? If I attracted this negativity how can this be a lesson for me to learn to change that behavior when I am feeling stuck? Later Uday told me that he learned how important New Year's is to me and he will make sure that he gives me a good kiss at midnight even if I am not in a good mood next time. I felt embarrassed that I acted childish and made a resolution for this bad night, not to make for a bad year. I guess only time will tell, but somehow I felt that Uday and I did get closer from this experience by the next day, and we are looking forward to making our nest when we finally get our new home. Like Raymond, on "Everyone loves Raymond" has said, "you only see good memories in photo albums and remember the good times that happened, here's to the good memories!" I will remember the good laughs Uday and I had when we saw Ralphie May for the New Year's Eve before 2010!

Whether your New Year's Eve was great or not, let's make this a great and happy New Year!

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Adri said...

Amy, sorry you did not have a good New Years. But I do not think you should put so much weight on a single night. Waaaaaaay too much pressure. I think the idea of New Years that it is a start of something new. A chance to set things right, to do things better this time around. Which is a nice idea, unless you had a great year last year :-)

I think us, as a society, should not put so much expectation on New Years eve, but live every day as a New Day's eve - trying to do better this time around. We should always try to do better, always work towards being happier this time around. Hmmm ... very deep ... too much thinking ... I think I should go take a nap ...