Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monkey Jungle - "It's my birthday!"

Come on in and join the party, you're all invited even if you're tardy. It is time to do some monkey business!

Uday took me and Mom to Monkey Jungle in Miami, for my birthday after we both worked a few hours in the morning and took a half day off as my birthday fell on a Monday this year. We took a few pictures of us as well but we were all pretty tired and the monkeys look much better in the pictures than we do so I did not add us this time. With the exception of pictures of Uday because he was acting like a monkey anyway! Monkey Jungle is a small park that took us more time to drive to than the amount of time needed to see it completely, but it was nice to be around the wildlife for a change instead of being at work.

In some places at Monkey Jungle the monkey's are not caged in and you can feed them in a cup with a string that they pull up to the roof and eat. Uday was having fun doing this as you can see below.

Smile pretty for the camera!!

Dazed and confused...

There were a few other creatures there in addition to monkeys and they were interesting as well...

This Gorilla looks like he is contemplating life and how to create World Peace!

Everyone's favorite at this park were the Mandrills. We had never see a species like this in person and they are just fascinating. Mandrills are the largest of the monkey family (unlike the Gorilla and Orangutan which are the great Apes). We felt bad that these ones were in a cage that was too small. We talked to a person that works there and he agreed and he told us that they are working on fixing this by moving one of them to a new location.

They yawn a lot especially when they are feeling some tension. They have very large sharp teeth!

This Orangutan looked a little sad, but I found it interesting to watch and take pictures of her.

She still has a sense of humor!!

This was a fun little trip seeing the monkeys before we went out for Thai food for my birthday dinner... Thanks to Mom and Uday for all of your love and gifts!

Click on the picture below to see a short video from Monkey Jungle:

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Cathy K. said...

Very cute! This was one place we never made it to when we lived there, so I'm glad I got to see some pics!