Friday, December 4, 2009

Bike Riding at Riverbend Park, Jupiter Florida

The weather was perfect, warm and sunny with a small cool breeze. We brought one bike and rented another (for $10 for the whole day) and we were on our way to explore the great outdoors. We have been to this park canoeing before (called Canoe Outfitters), but we never got to go through the biking and walking trails until this Thanksgiving weekend. Although we visited other parks this weekend and had fun taking pictures of nature, I was looking forward to enjoying the freedom and exercise outdoors.

There were a lot of Tiki Huts along the way where we eventually had our picnic lunch that we packed. I have a fondness for Tiki Huts so much that I had my wedding reception in one.

We came to a Christmas Tree patch and I thought the Florida looking Christmas Tree was funny, coming from a New England perspective. It reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but for the record the real ones that people buy around here appear to be from up North.

We still could not resist taking some pictures but this time spent more time on our bikes. Since I did not take too many pictures and we were sometimes in motion they are not the best pictures so I did have some fun touching them up in order to make them more interesting.

Uday and I found another colorful grasshopper that we took turns taking pictures of and I took the first one where it is besides it's shadow. Uday took most of the rest. We both still find these grasshoppers so interesting especially their mouth.


Patrick R. Mullen said...

Very nice Eric! I always liked the Jupiter area -- spent a lot of time on the beaches there. My wife Gail and I like the photos your wife posted. Magnificent! I keep ending-up in the Florida Keys [scuba trips with Friends] with no time to stop-by Jupiter or the West Palm Beach area. Next year for sure! When you get tired of sun-shine and beautiful beaches, try the snow country up my way some time... :-D

- Patrick Mullen

Sandy Mader said...

Hi Eric, Hope all is well with you and Amy. Thanks for sharing. We will miss you at our Holiday Party this year.

(Uday's co-worker from previous Job)

Christina said...

Hey Eric! I am really enjoying reading all of your adventures. I recently moved to Miami so I'm thinking about visiting some of the places you and Amy talk about. Miami is a big difference from little Lafayette! What city do ya'll live in?


Kishan P said...

Great Pics. Totally loved them.
And congratulations to you and Eric.