Saturday, November 28, 2009

Arthur Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge & Wakodahatchee Wetlands on Thanksgiving Weekend

Due to car problems this weekend we had to change our plans from going on a long road trip to visit some state parks up north, to simply visiting some locally. We got the car fixed and met up with our friend Scott to check out two local parks. Scott, Uday and I all enjoy taking pictures of nature and had a great time together. The first park we went to is called Arthur Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. We did not see too much so we only stayed here for a short time but I managed to get a few pictures of the wildlife there. The picture above is also one from that park as well as the next few below.

Then Scott took us to another park that he was at earlier that day before meeting up with us and this was such a pleasant surprise! This is a free park and it is full of wildlife. Uday and I were amazed at how much we saw and how difficult it was to share our one camera with each other. This park is called Wakodahachee Wetlands. Here are a few our our favorite pictures that we captured on this day.

We saw many birds, turtles and alligators at this park among other wildlife!

Here is a picture of Scott doing his favorite hobby... (he takes awesome pictures and some of them can be seen on his
Outlanders website and for those who know him, on his Facebook).

Here are more of our nature pictures taken at this same park...

This picture below was one of the highlight's of the park! It is not often that one sees an Otter in south Florida and I was able to capture it on camera! It was a lot of fun to watch!

This is Scott's favorite Bird! Can you believe these two pictures are of the same bird!!

A nice couple took this picture of Uday and I and Scott also took pictures of Uday and I on his camera.

A nice moon in broad daylight!

Two nature adventurers captured! Thanks for showing us these parks Scott.

When we got home we found a few more nature pictures we could not resist taking
I love this one! These birds stand on the ducks out here every day!

We often see these birds in my mom's neighborhood and finally got to take some pictures of them. They are beautiful birds.

Uday and I were having a little competition with our close-up shots. I took the one below:

and Uday took this one below...

Which picture do you like the best?

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