Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Making Our House a Home

There is nothing better than cooking chocolate chip cookies in your new oven, ordering some pizza and having other appetizers, drinks, family and friends over to celebrate your new home. It was a lot of work preparing but I understand better why it is called a "house warming party". On June 6th we had our house warming party and I thought our house was beautiful before the party, but it felt much warmer once we had company over sitting at our kitchen table, dining room tables and couches.

I must admit that I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed with trying to give tours of the house and making sure I got to talk with everyone. I was even more nervous about people accidentally ruining our new furniture and probably came across as pretty paranoid and OCD (I hope they forgive me). I am so grateful for the friends and family we had over and that they were able to put up with me. It almost felt like a wedding because of the preparation that went into it before hand (as casual as I was trying to make it) how fast it went during, and how tired I was after it was over.

Before the party and since the party Uday and I have been busy with house projects even though our house was and is in great condition. Even since our party we still have about 22 more house projects to go, and a few more things to buy but I am so glad that we did not wait to finish them to have a party. People having been telling us that the projects never end when you own a house.

Now that we are feeling more settled in our home we have been very busy balancing house projects, cleaning it, and having fun on the weekends (snorkeling). We have been so busy that I am behind on my blogs and keeping in touch with people (even my own mom). I am able to work on this slowly. Next blog I hope to write more about the fun stuff we have been up to. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our friends and family.

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