Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our 3rd Anniversary in Coral Gables: Vizcaya and Venetian Pool

There is nothing like being a tourist in a few towns close to where you live, especially in Florida. Celebrating our 3rd year anniversary, May 19, 2010, Uday and I decided to check out the Vizcaya Museum and the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables close to Miami and then to go for some Cuban Cuisine for dinner.

We would have loved to have traveled some place more exotic but have been trying to save up more vacation time and money, but we were still excited to get out of town and do some exploring.

The Vizcaya Museum is a beautiful mansion with huge garden area. Vizcaya was the winter home of James Deering, who was a harvester and was built in the early 1900's. In the Vizcaya Brochure it says, "Vizcaya was conceived as a meeting of the Old World Europe and New World Miami... and hearkens back to the northern Spanish province of the same name..."

Visiting the museum in Miami did feel like I was in a tropical European setting. It is very romantic and Uday and I were also trying to get ideas for our new home decor. (Shhhh...) We snuck a few pictures of the inside even though we were not supposed to...

We spent a good amount of time admiring the peaceful and artistic water view...

And strolling along the garden maze...

As much as we enjoyed the sights, the truth is we were very ready to leave and go to the Venetian Pool because it was such a hot day in south Florida. I thought this was a hilarious sculpture that was also at the Vizcaya Museum between the garden and water section!

After finding the Pool area and marveling at the pretty Spanish style homes on the way, it took us some time and patrolling to find parking in the very small parking lot. As we walked up close to the pool we both agreed that this is the style of pool we hope to have in our back yard some day!

How refreshing and enjoyable it was to take a dip in this crystal water, surrounded by waterfalls and family's having fun!

Aww, a little piece of Heaven in Coral Gables!

After working up an appetite in the pool we found what is know as "Little Havana" and were able to eat our delicious Cuban food we had been waiting for, before leaving to head home for a romantic evening.

It was beautiful, fun and different from the norm, and a great way to spend our 3rd Anniversary!

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