Friday, September 24, 2010

Paradise Hunter audition by Amy Lynne Adams

As most of you who follow my blog already know, Uday and I love to travel, take pictures and videos of our travels and of nature, so I was so excited when I learned about this amazing job/contest to be the next Paradise Hunter host. Paradise Hunter is both a T.V. show and a website ( On the website they show properties for rent and for sale in beautiful places. On the T.V. show the host gets to go to these amazing places and get to know the locals, the activities, and see properties. The host also interviews people who changed from living their "hum drum lives" to packing everything and moving to their paradise.

The winner of the job it is being based both on number of votes and who the Paradise Hunter staff choose. They state that they will take a large consideration into who has the most votes even when they chose the top candidates for the job. The voting takes place now until November 12th to narrow it down to the top 40. Then more voting to narrow it to the top 10. I will keep you posted, some time in December.

This is the job I have been searching for because I could get paid to travel to 12 destinations, get to know the people and culture, be adventurous and at the end get to chose a $150,000 property, and could invite you to stay at that property for a visit!
Votes needed daily! Thanks so much for your support!!

Please click this link to vote for me:

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dora said...

Wish you the best! Will vote as much as possible!