Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Wedding Memories on Video...

As promised, we finally have some more video footage uploaded. If you are using dial-up internet connection, you most probably won't be able to view the videos. It is better to have a DSL internet connection to view streaming video on the internet (without waiting for several hours, like in case of dial-up!). If you are interested in checking out the video clips, Uday suggests that after clicking on the links, wait for it to play and then press "pause". After waiting for about one minute then press "play" again. Uday says this will allow some time for the video to get buffered (download from Google to your computer). For those of you who do not understand computer language it basically means wait at least a minute or two after pressing "pause", and then press "play" in order to watch the video more smoothly (consistently without pauses).

I have placed links to clips of the videos on this blog post and also under "Our Video's" section as well.

Enjoy and let us know what you think when you get a chance. You can always write your comments below the blog under the comments section!

The first clip is our Introduction (click on the picture below to view the video).

The second clip is Moments in Love (click on the picture below to view the video).

The following two video clips are the Recaps of our Wedding. They are pretty much the same video footage but to two different songs. The first of the Recap Video is to the song "By Your side", by Sade, the next is the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow..." by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. If you get a chance comment below and let us know which one you like better! We obviously had a difficult time deciding!

Below is the first Recap choice to "By Your Side" (click the picture below to view video).

Below is the second Recap choice to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow..." (click on the picture below to view the video).

We hope to put another clip or two of the guests at our wedding and links of them under "Our Video" section (in the future). Hope you enjoyed watching our wedding videos!


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