Saturday, January 5, 2008

Party Like a Rock Star

Happy New Year!! I know that I have not written much since the Holidays, like most people, we have been very busy. In fact, unlike most people, on December 15th we had two parties to attend at the same time that were about 45 minutes away from each other. One Party was the Vanilla Ice Holiday Party that was being put on by the radio station I listen to down here called Wild 95.5. The other party was Uday's work Christmas Party at a nice country club. Since it was too difficult of a decision to make, we decided to attempt to go to both the parties! Our plan was to go to the Vanilla Ice Party first and then to Uday's work party and then back to the Vanilla Ice Party. It so happened that we were not able to make it back to the Vanilla Ice Party because we were having too much fun at Uday's work party (to my surprise, we were literally "getting jiggy with it" on the dance floor).

Although I did not get to meet Vanilla Ice AKA Rob Van Winkle (as he was there later in the evening), I did get to talk with Jason from the "Morning Show" on 95.5 and he is awesome!! Jason reminds me of Adam Sandler as he is really funny, he writes and sings songs that are hilarious such as "Hell no to H2O", he loves the 80's, Gary Coleman, Big Foot, Mountain Dew, Patrick Swayze and Hulk Hogan etc.

Here's me and Jason AKA JBird!

Here's another picture of me next to a Monster Truck as Vanilla Ice and
his posse are into them (and motor bikes)!

Although I wanted to go back to the party to meet Ron Jeremy, Vanilla Ic
e and the possibility of a few other celebrities, Uday's work Christmas Party had awesome food, his nice co-workers and and the best DJ I have ever heard. We had a blast dancing!!

Here are a few pictures of us before we got sweaty dancing the rest of the night away!!

Two totally different atmospheres and two different clothing styles for me, I trully felt like a Rock Star!!

Word to ya moth'r'.....

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