Monday, March 31, 2008

Hot and Cheesy Bloopers...just one idea of making the world a more creative place!

You probably have been checking out my blog every now and then and maybe you are wondering how the title of the blog relates to my posts...

I crave to be creative, whether it was planning our wedding, dance choreography, scrap-books (Uday calls them "crap-books" for fun), home decorating and the like. Since I work as a family therapist for the county, most of the time I feel restricted with my creativity, so I have been enjoying putting our trips on video to music.
It takes up more time than my husband or I would like, but I feel like it has been filling the void of not being able to be creative at my work. I feel, making the video is a lot like dance choreography. I pick and chose clips from our video and set it to music. I am still learning about this computer stuff and my husband has been patient enough to teach me. He has spent a lot of his time helping me and I am grateful for this.

Also, while working for the county, there are a lot of older people who are conservative and serious. By making these
videos, not to mention being fortunate enough to go on these trips, I try and maintain my young spirit and keep my sense of humor. Uday does a good job in making this pretty easy for me. This time I could not resist and had to make another video from our Cancun trip with a few clips of Boo (our dog) to be creative and make a funny video. This is our second Bloopers video and I hope to make more in the future from our honey moon trip.

So without further a due... the video you have all been waiting for (Uday makes fun of me, because he says no one is
interested in my video's and it is a waste of time)... I present to you (from Cancun, Mexico): Hot and Cheesy Bloopers!

Click on the picture below to watch the video.


saurabh sharma said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. Very well recorded.

Saurab Sharma said...

Congratulations Uday. Two of you surely look very happy together.
Bloopers video was my fav. Well done.

peace !!!

Sharath Chandra said...

Nice Picks dude,
You guys look great together.


Anonymous said...

So funny lol, Uday looks like a fun person to be around, can't wait to meet him. You guys are good together!