Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Last Couple Weeks have been Hectic!

It all started around Halloween when mom decided to spontaneously throw a party at her house. Then our Salsa class that mom also attends were having a costume party. Here is a picture of mom with one of the Salsa teachers, named Jose. Jose is Mexican and for Halloween dressed like a Mexican guy. He is always very funny and my favorite teacher there. Uday dressed up as "men in black" and Boo as herself, "the joker"... I was too busy to dress up in a costume this year!!

Next we attended our friend Jerry's wedding on November 1st.
Jerry and his wife Britney had a nice beach wedding on Singer Island, but it rained so the wedding was in a covered area. We got some good pictures outside after the wedding when the weather cleared.

On the way home we saw some people we recognized from the wedding on a main street out of their car stopping traffic and looking under a car. We assumed that they got in an accident. We stopped our car as well to help them and lo and behold, they were trying to rescue a dog which was hiding under another person's car. This man was very impatient and wanted to leave but we all stepped in along with a few other strangers to help the dog. Uday and I volunteered to take the dog to Peggy Adam's Animal Shelter (a "no kill" shelter where I got Boo). After grabbing one plain hamburger from Wendy's and a double plain Whopper from Burger King, along with a lot of water for the hungry and thirsty dog, we finally arrived at Peggy Adams Animal Shelter too late! They were not accepting dog's past 3:30pm. Reluctantly, we went to the Palm Beach Animal Shelter and they did accept him. We then called our friends and our mom's friends to see if they would adopt the dog, but they did not want a dog. I could not leave the dog at the shelter knowing that if he did not get adopted that he might be put to sleep. So we put our name as adopting him and we thought we could buy time and find him a home after getting him neutered and vaccinated. We thought about taking him home directly but we did not want him to give any diseases to Boo, in case he had any. A week later we found ourselves taking home a new family member. We named him Simba since he looks like the small skinny lion from The Lion King. He is a sweetheart so far. He is not yet completely potty trained and is now suffering with Kennel Cough as I write this. Boo is a very jealous Boo and it has not been easy working with the two of them this long weekend. Uday says it best, "This weekend has gone to the dogs!" Luckily I was off Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday due to Veterans Day!! Here are a few pictures of Simba:

On top of this, Uday and I celebrated mom's birthday, have been working on planning our India trip, and thinking about how to do well financially in this difficult economic time where we could both possibly lose our jobs somewhere in 2009! Needless to say, I got a little behind on keeping up with the blog, and keeping up with my Salsa dance classes.

I can't imagine how we would have done this if we had a kid! But that's another blog topic for another time! Keep in touch!


Charles Gravely said...

Hey Uday, congrats on the new member of the Kumar family. Amy hinted in her blog about a child. Is there maybe another member coming? ;-)


PS: Amanda and I are talking about getting married in july. I hope you guys won't be in India at that time.

Carla Connar said...

Hi guys, Love your blog. I watched Boo and the rat... (poor Boo). Simba is pretty... looks like a lovely fox.

Best to you both, Hugs,
Carla Connar