Monday, November 10, 2008

"Trying to Make Sense of it All" - Arthur K. Rose

My cousin Arthur, is an author, who just recently published this book called, "Trying to Make Sense of it All". This book particularly intrigued me because Arthur dared to ask the questions many of us are afraid to ask (at least publicly) but have often wondered about as we grew from childhood to adulthood. Not only does he ask the questions but continues on his courageous journey to try and answer his own questions.

Arthur has studied the Bible for years and has tried out different Christian religions. Along with this, he has recently been interested in scientific theories about the Universe. In his book, as he raises several questions that you and I may have at some point in our lives asked ourselves or others, and he diligently bases his answers on his research of science and the Bible to come up with answers that make sense to him. The answers cousin Arthur comes up with also make a lot of sense to me.

Here is a list of just a few questions he finds his own answers for:

-- Why are we here?

-- Is the Bible the whole truth or stories for us to learn from and find out our own truth?

-- Was Jesus truly the "Son of God" and what does that mean?

-- Did the "Immaculate Conception" really happen as told in the Bible?

-- Is there life on other planets?

-- Can time travel really happen?

-- Does the Loch-nest-monster really exist?

-- Have aliens already come to our planet, and is the Government trying to hide this?

Some of you may or may not have thought about these questions. Some may have given up seeking answers to these daunting questions, while some are still pursuing them. No matter what one's belief in religion or science may be, Arthur asks the questions that many of us, because of our own beliefs, may be afraid to ask, and he backs his answers by his own research and thoughts. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to make sense of life. Even if one does not agree with Arthur, his book really helps one think of life, mind, and purpose.

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