Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Miami Zoo is Underrated!!

We celebrated my Mom's 61st birthday on Sunday November 9th and took her to the Miami Zoo. We knew that the zoo was quite huge with lots of animals, but we did not know just how fabulous this zoo was going to be. Now, having been there, I can't believe it is not more crowded than it was. Even though the Zoo did not have any rides with the exception of real life Camel rides, I would say that it is much better than Disney's Animal Kingdom. With that said, the Lion Country Safari in Palm Beach County may also beat Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Mom also loved it! It was a b
eautiful day with some clouds, a dry cool breeze, and a spectacular sunset to end the night! There were so many exotic and gorgeous animals that we spent a lot more time taking pictures of them than with each other. Uday and I at times had to fight for the camera since we were so excited to take pictures with our new camera. We had plenty of space to walk and see the animals and the Zoo gave the animals a lot of space to roam freely.

Mom said it was a really good birthday present seeing these awesome animals. If you go to Miami and are an animal lover, the Miami Zoo is a must see!!

Click on the picture below to view more pictures from Miami Zoo:

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