Monday, January 26, 2009

Breckenridge Colorado - An Adventure Getaway!

Swooshing through the powdery snow gracefully from side to side down the steep mountain, was surely not me or Uday. The others made it look so easy and effortless... I on my butt and my knees more than up and Uday very controlled went "bumpity", "bumpity" down the mountain on our rented snowboards.

Hands dried up like old man hands and bundled up with new bruises forming everyday, the beautiful Colorado lifestyle was a challenge for me being so spoiled living in Florida the last four or five years, but I was glad I experienced it first hand and really happy for Uday that he fulfilled one of his dreams! Uday was a lot better at snowboarding than me but I was better at going faster and wiping out!

In addition to snowboarding, we also went cross country skiing, which I was a little better at on the easiest Nordic Track, than I was snowboarding but I fell many times at this as well (which we got on video tape for my next blog).

Uday was also better at cross-country skiing than me and did not fall as much! He used a different technique than me!

It was very nice seeing the Rocky Mountains and feeling the cool fresh air hit my face. We were told that we were lucky that it was so warm with temperatures in the day time between 35F degrees to about 50F degrees and about 30F degrees lower than these temperatures at night. We were told that the week before the temperature was below zero most of the time and it hurt to breath. I really appreciated that in the day we were hot some times and had to take off some of our layers.

My favorite part of the trip was definitely tubing down the mountain at Keystone which was exhilarating and fun. It was also soft and "cushiony" on my black and blue "buns". It was a real relief!

Another highlight of the trip was seeing Elk in person and getting to watch the big Buffalo (American Bison) on the side of the highway.

The town of Breckenridge was cute and quaint with interesting shops and the best breakfast places. My favorite breakfast place was called Clint's Bakery and Coffee House, not only was the breakfast awesome but the place was hip, full of young "snow boarder" types.

The day before leaving the town was beginning their annual snow carving sculptures contest and we were able to see some of them in progress. Pretty "Cool"!

I have to admit that for me this trip was not a vacation but I still felt privileged that I was fortunate enough along with Uday to have this experience and see the awesome Rocky Mountains and have some fun in the snow.

Click on the picture below to view all of our pictures from Colorado:


Bob Venkatesh said...

Hey dude, it's good to see your pictures. All the pictures are really amazing and the locations are really good too. You are making me go through all the lovely places which u have been, good keep sending.

With Warm Regards,
Venkatesh Ramagiri (a.k.a. Bob Bhai, Uday's friend from India)

Hieu Pham-Higgins said...

Hi Eric, this is really very nice. I see you guys had a good time. My husband and I went on vacation in ski resorts a few years ago. I
believe we went to Vermont. It was beautiful. We loved it. Thanks for sharing the photos. They are beautiful.

Hieu Pham-Higgins (Uday's co-worker at Authentium Inc.)

Jessica Vella said...

You guys ROCK, looks like you had an awesome vacation :)

Jessica Vella (Uday's co-worker at Authentium Inc.)