Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's time to Shine in 2009...

We got married in 2007 and that year for us was like Heaven! 2008 was great, with many beautiful escapes! Now, it's 2009, and it's time to shine!!!

We celebrated our New Year's Eve at Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach.

We did not have anything special planned since Uday was on call, and time had flown by so quickly, but we ended up having a great time.

At first we were greeted by Batman:

and then Uday got his 2 seconds of fame on the news!

We met some interesting people...

We had a blast with the fire-works!

And I don't know if I watched the video of "The Secret" too many times or not, but I was feeling very celestial and it appears that even the fire-works were attracted to me in that kind of way.

Dancing and watching the bull riding was also very fun! I especially enjoyed taking some pictures of the random people that were there, and of Uday, of course.

Don't know exactly what the year ahead will bring but I am excited to find out!

Wishing you the best in this coming year!

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