Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Naughty and Nice Christmas Spice!

After leaving work at 6:00pm on Christmas Eve, Uday and I rushed home to pack our stuff, our dogs, and the presents, to get ready to sleep over Mom's house. It wasn't easy, but the tradition still holds true!

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring except for my dog and my spouse...

The stockings were hung high enough so the dogs would not tear,
their hopes were that the treats would soon be theirs...

Sleeping was difficult for Uday and I,
in the guest room bed that is about the size of my thigh!!

Now Simba and Uday please settle down,
smoosh in as there is sleep to be found...

By morning Simba was snoring and sleeping with me,
while Uday was finally asleep on the couch by the tree,
and Boo she continued to sleep in her own bed, peacefully...

The next morning we noticed that Santa forgot,
two of his reindeer with our camera we caught...

Uday was naughty this year,
and the thought of the empty stocking being his he could not bare...

But to his surprise there was some coal at the bottom,
the look on his face was worth more than anything would have bought him...

Luckily for Uday Mrs. Claus snuck him another socky,
full of good things since she knows he has been just as nice, as he has been naughty!!

Our friends and neighbors, Charlie and Jerry came over for dinner,
and this picture is a definate winner!!

Wishing you many cheers during the holiday season and through out the years!

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cathy k. said...

loved the poem!